DIY Color Corrector


Recipe by Classyface Makeup Company

You will need:

1-2 sticks of crème concealer (I used Wet N Wild in the Medium shade, it is a great concealer because it is thick and gives great coverage. )

|Any kind, make sure to get the lightest color available. This will work with all skin tones|

I-2 peach colored matte lipsticks (for fair-medium skin tones)

1-2 bright orange matte lipsticks (for deep skin tones)

(Brands to try: LA Colors, NYX Cosmetics, Wet N Wild, NYC Color)

Small plastic cosmetic container



What is a color corrector?

A color corrector is a base that you put on before your foundation and/or concealer. There are many other colors that correctors come in, however, peach colored correctors are universal. This means that any skin tone can use it to hide discoloration, hyperpigmentation, veins, and any dark areas on the face. It gives every skin tone an even makeup look. If you have a deeper skin tone, like me, orange colored correctors work best, but peach can be used as well. A color corrector is NOT a concealer. The corrector in this DIY has to be a super light shade of concealer to easily blend in the peach or orange lipstick.

It is best to apply the color corrector after you apply face lotion, and before your foundation, BB cream, and/or concealer. You will notice that by using the color corrector you do not need as much foundation or concealer because the corrector fixes many issues that those products are used for.

A little goes a long way, and make sure to  only apply this to dark areas of the face. If you apply this all over, your face will have a peach or orange tint in the wrong places. Don’t use the color corrector by itself, always set it with a skin matching powder and/or foundation.


In the small plastic cosmetic container, combine 1-2 sticks of concealer, shave off peach or orange lipstick (with a butter knife), and put container into the microwave until concealer and lipstick can be stirred together easily and color looks consistent. You may have to add lipstick and microwave a few more times to get the right shade. Once you have the correct peach or orange shade you need, stir and let the color corrector sit for 10 minutes and you’re done!

You can also do this with eyeshadow pigments! Pick out a matte peach or orange shade and sprinkle the pigment into the concealer. Heat it in the microwave until the pigment and concealer is blended.

Other Colors:

* Green Corrector– You can use green matte lipstick or pigment to cancel out any redness in the skin

*Lavender  Corrector– You can use lavender matte lipstick or pigment to cancel out any yellowness in the skin

*Yellow Corrector– Yellow matte lipstick or pigment will cancel out purple in the skin


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